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Discover the website and the shop of Vignobles Lajonie in Monbazillac, Bergerac and Pécharmant in Dordogne.

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château Bellevue des vignobles Lajonie à Monbazillac, Bergerac et Pécharmant en Dordogne

Château Bellevue


Lajonie Vineyards

Set on 30 hectares of clay-limestone soil, the Bellevue estate is located on the resplendent Monbazillac hillsides with a magnificent view over Bergerac.

Its particular characteristic is that it faces north, plunging towards the Dordogne plain. The vineyard enjoys a particular temperate climate. The most remarkable climatic phenomenon takes place during the autumn: morning fogs combined with the heat of the afternoon sun. The humidity, during this still warm period, allows the formation of the microscopic fungus "Botrytis Cinerea" which causes a reduction in volume inside the grape and modifies its nature by increasing its sugar content. The natural concentration of the grapes, thanks to the development of the noble rot caused by "Botrytis Cinerea", is essential for the elaboration of any high quality sweet wine.

Grape varieties : Sauvignon, Muscadelle, Sémillon, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Designation : AOC Bergerac Rouge, AOC Monbazillac et AOC Côtes de Bergerac Moelleux

vignes du château Bellevue à Monbazillac en Dordogne


Domaine Bellevue

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